Home Decor Style Quiz

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Answer the following questions to find out which home decor style best matches your preferences and personality. Remember to choose the option that resonates with you the most.

home decor style - boho living room
Photo by Spacejoy

How would you describe your ideal color scheme for your living room?

a) Soft neutrals and pastels

b) Bold and vibrant colors

c) Earthy tones and natural hues

d) Monochromatic or black and white

What type of furniture appeals to you the most?

a) Classic and timeless pieces

b) Eclectic mix of vintage and modern furniture

c) Rustic and distressed finishes

d) Sleek and minimalistic designs

Which pattern do you find most appealing?

a) Subtle stripes or subtle floral patterns

b) Bold geometric prints

c) Bohemian-inspired patterns

d) Solid colors or minimal patterns

How do you prefer to decorate your walls?

a) Artwork and framed photographs

b) Eye-catching wallpaper or murals

c) Eclectic gallery wall or tapestries

d) Clean and uncluttered with minimal wall decor

What type of lighting do you prefer?

a) Soft and diffused lighting

b) Dramatic pendant lights or statement chandeliers

c) Warm and cozy ambient lighting

d) Clean and modern recessed lighting

What do you value most in your home decor?

a) Timeless elegance and sophistication

b) Personal expression and uniqueness

c) Comfort and a relaxed atmosphere

d) Simplicity and minimalism

How would you describe your ideal home’s overall atmosphere?

a) Serene and peaceful

b) Bold and energetic

c) Cozy and inviting

d) Clean and organized

Which material or texture do you prefer in your home decor?

a) Smooth and luxurious fabrics

b) Mixed textures and materials

c) Natural elements like wood and stone

d) Sleek and polished surfaces

How important is functionality in your home decor choices?

a) Very important – I value practicality and functionality.

b) Somewhat important – I like a balance of style and functionality.

c) Moderately important – I prioritize comfort and usability.

d) Not very important – I prefer a minimalist and streamlined approach.

What is your preferred home decor theme for the bedroom?

a) Classic and elegant

b) Bohemian and eclectic

c) Cozy and rustic

d) Modern and minimalistic

Now, let’s calculate your results!

Count the number of times you selected each letter:

Mostly A’s: Traditional Elegance

Mostly B’s: Eclectic and Creative

Mostly C’s: Rustic and Cozy

Mostly D’s: Contemporary and Minimalistic

Congratulations! You have discovered your home decor style. Use this style as a guide to curate your space and create a home that truly reflects your unique taste and preferences. Remember, it’s all about creating a space where you feel comfortable and inspired. Enjoy the process of bringing your personal style to life in your home!